3 TACTICS To THRIVE Amid Change ⠀


Feeling stressed out by the continued flow of changes?
Today I am going to share with you 3 keys that will you to not only survive but thrive in times of change. First, what is the mindset? A mindset is a set of attitudes held by someone. Your mindset reflects your way of thinking, influences the way you process and respond to specific events.
Your mindset sets the tone for your emotions and is the filter through which you see the world.
Here’s how mindset works:

Event: what is happening
Mindset: your perception of the event
Behaviour: your reaction or response to the event
Wanna stop being in reaction mode and doing things you regret and ACTUALLY start living in a way that you can look back upon years from and be proud of yourself? I gotcha.

What I am sharing with you helped me through 28 moves (yes, I moved 28 times in my life), having three children under 5, pastoring a church, and starting a thriving coaching practice.

And so now I can share the...

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It Hurts So Good : The Art Of Embracing Growth Pain

It hurts so good! 

Have you ever heard the expression? 

In my last blog we saw that reaction or behaviour is less dependent on the events that occur but more about our perspective of the event or our mindset. Our reaction to a situation often depends on the level of pain it is being stirred by. But is pain always bad? 

Pain can be described as an unpleasant sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony. I remember hearing my son moaning in the middle of the night due to the pain he was experiencing in his legs, an uncomfortable soreness located in his calves and thighs.  It was growing pains. His eight year old muscles were stretching to accommodate his lengthening bones. As much as I wanted to stop my son’s suffering, I understood that his pain was a sign of growth. 


Here’s another example. When I exercise after a long “gym sabbatical,” I wake up the next morning with a definite soreness in muscles I...

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