3 TACTICS To THRIVE Amid Change ⠀


Feeling stressed out by the continued flow of changes?
Today I am going to share with you 3 keys that will you to not only survive but thrive in times of change. First, what is the mindset? A mindset is a set of attitudes held by someone. Your mindset reflects your way of thinking, influences the way you process and respond to specific events.
Your mindset sets the tone for your emotions and is the filter through which you see the world.
Here’s how mindset works:

Event: what is happening
Mindset: your perception of the event
Behaviour: your reaction or response to the event
Wanna stop being in reaction mode and doing things you regret and ACTUALLY start living in a way that you can look back upon years from and be proud of yourself? I gotcha.

What I am sharing with you helped me through 28 moves (yes, I moved 28 times in my life), having three children under 5, pastoring a church, and starting a thriving coaching practice.

And so now I can share the goods with you starting with these 3 TACTICS:

1️⃣ Embrace Growth Pain

If you know me, you heard me say this before. I also wrote about it in my last blog. Our reaction to a situation often depends on the level of pain it creates within us. But is pain always bad?
Pain can be described as an unpleasant sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony. I remember hearing my son moaning in the middle of the night due to the pain he was experiencing in his legs, an uncomfortable soreness located in his calves and thighs. It was growing pains. His eight-year-old muscles were stretching to accommodate his lengthening bones. As much as I wanted to stop my son’s suffering, I understood that his pain was a sign of growth.
In the same way, every time we try to bring significant changes in our lives, we experience growing pains. Think about it: how many skills will you have to develop to get traction and see your vision come true? Going back to school? Learning the skills required to run your business from home or homeschool your kiddos? Interviewing for a new job or dealing with a difficult person? Caring for a new baby or retiring from a job? All changes require growing pain. This discomfort is not a sign that you can't do it, it's a sign of growth. Be gracious with yourself as you grow.

2️⃣ Identify your assets and your breakthroughs

Your assets are useful or valuable qualities or skills you’ve developed throughout your life.
Your breakthroughs are the essential discoveries or growth milestones you have made throughout your life.
When you don’t take time to identify and celebrate your assets and breakthroughs in life, two things happen: You don’t notice how far you've come, and you obsess over how far you still have to go.
That is a tragedy because you could live your life as someone who never wins.
Whatever you do, however, you change and grow, you never win.
This becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. This is when you stop trying, because, why bother?
And that is the very definition of someone who lives filled with regrets. Many stop dreaming, they ever stop trying because, in their mind, they always fall short.
News flash: There is always someone better than you at something you want to be good at. That’s ok!
Here’s what I learned through my personal experience and through journeying with leaders for years: when you live to compare and compete, you will always live in defeat.
Identifying your own assets and breakthroughs will open your eyes to finally notice how you stand tall, not how you fall short.
It allows you to let go of past regrets and gives you the power to avoid future disappointments.

3️⃣ Celebrate your small steps

When a baby takes their first step and falls, they do not roll around on the ground in frustration or despair. Imagine if your 12-month-old baby makes their first step, falls and calls it quits. No baby, after falling on their face, says, “I’m never going to do this again.”
When we start changing our habits or the direction of our lives, we tend to be frustrated and disappointed with ourselves when we fall after two steps and see how far we still have to go. The discipline of celebrating the small steps gives you permission not only to dream big but to also dream small and allows us to see progress in our next step.
If we don’t celebrate the small steps, we end up lacking the confidence to keep going.

Celebrating small steps helps us overcome this way of thinking: I can’t do this…

Maybe you don’t know how to get to your dream or vision. Perhaps you feel that it’s too big for you. Then what about your next step? What is a small step you can take?

Coaching Question:
On a scale of 1-10 (1 being easy and 10 being nearly impossible), how hard is it for you to celebrate your small victories?

What are the small steps you have taken since the beginning of this class that we can celebrate together?

If you found this valuable, then share it with someone who could use this help!