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I developed this assessment to provide you an opportunity to quickly identify some areas of growth that you can focus on as you seek to reach a higher level of fulfillment in your life.

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Pursue a more focused level of intentional growth through our transformational coaching services. 

Our model is designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. We support you in developing and refining the skills you need to succeed. We’ll help you confront challenges head-on and develop a plan of action to overcome what has hindered you in the past.


Coaches are change experts who help leaders take responsibility and act to maximize their own potential. 

-Tony Stoltzfus, Christian coaching pioneer

Our Coaching Clients Receive:

  • Personalized coaching curriculum designed for you
  • Weekly/ Monthly coaching sessions
  • Specific action-oriented assignments
  • Direct email access to your coach
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • And much, much more!

Individual Coaching

In individual coaching, Caroline will help you get unstuck and refocused on what matters to you.  We will work together to identify your values, strengths, passions, and your calling, in order to claim back your desired future, get over roadblocks, go the distance, and create a legacy that will empower future generations. 


Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way to reach your individual goals in a supportive and conversational setting and at a group rate. 

A Life Without Regrets, is a 90-Day life-affirming experience for women of faith who desire to live today with an eye towards the future. This course will empower you to grow your self-leadership while simultaneously making tangible changes in your life. It will also equip you to boldly respond to Jesus's invitation to live life to the fullest in every season. 

Start living an empowered, regret-free life of purpose that's focused on lasting impact and profound transformation. 


Discover your true purpose in life - and go for it! 

Pursue your greatest passion - and start living it! 

Tap into your full potential - and begin to walk in it! 

Identify the negative mindsets and bad habits that are holding you back.

Gain clarity on what you really want.

Develop new life habits and rhythms that reduce stress, foster rest, and propel you forward.

Design and implement an effective plan of action to help you reach your goals.



-You long for accountability and crave an inspiring, faith-based support group to keep you on track. 

-You are sick and tired of feeling alone and stuck in certain areas of your life.

-You need more joy and want to feel less overwhelmed.

-You’d like proven solutions to get rid of fear and self-doubt for good.

-You're finally ready to experience breakthrough.


Caroline’s class 90 Days To A Life Without Regrets group coaching experience was life changing. I feel empowered and more capable in my day to day living, and have gained more clarity and focus on life. As a coach, Caroline does a great job of inviting Jesus into the room, encouraging people to examine who they are and to figure out how to become the best versions of themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Taking this course 90 Days to Live a Life Without regret has brought me clarity in my personal life and has given me confidence in my leadership style. Going through my personality type and developing my core values has been the most significant part of this journey. Knowing who I am and being ok with it is freeing. I am truly thankful for Caroline’s wisdom; she has a way of asking the tough questions and enabling people to find the truth of what Jesus is saying.

This year I found myself in a transition time, embarking on a new season of life. Group coaching with Caroline in ‘90 Days to Living Life Without Regret’ has strengthened both my roots and my wings. Exploring with Caroline who I am, how God wired me, core values, etcetera, has strengthened my roots. Her encouragement to stir up the dreams God has put on my heart and daring me to see the possibility of accomplishing them, has strengthened my wings. I would highly recommend coaching with Caroline.

Chris Knudsen, Port Alberny

Ordained minister, grand-mother

Chris Knudsen, Port Alberny

Ordained minister, grand-mother

I'm always looking for ways to grow personally, spiritually and as a leader. Being newly in transition, I immediately felt that I had to do the 90 days Living Without Regrets and I don't regret anything. Each week, Caroline's classes and coaching have given me the tools to better understand the way God shaped me through my life experiences, my values, my personality, my dreams and the call he has for my life. Thank you Caroline for your listening, your wisdom, your generosity and your love. I am blessed to have a leader and a coach like you in my life.

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